AYSUN - Hampers Lebaran

Height: 7 cm
Width: 23 cm
IDR 493,000
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AYSUN - Hampers Lebaran by Studiokado

AYSUN is a perfect personal gift for those who wish to have a little dash of statement in the packaging to be gifted to a special person or an institution - an exquisite rattan box to be reused as a chic storage item in your home.


What's included:

  • 1x Special Edition Studiokado Rattan Box
  • 1x Nastar Cookies
  • 1x Putri Salju Cookies
  • 1x Black Vanilla Tea
  • 1x Kurma Ajwa
  • 1x Reed Diffuser 50 ml
  • 1x Explore The Traditions Cover
  • 1x Greeting Card

Expiry Date:
- Cookies: June 2023
- Kurma: July 2023

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Shipping nationwide

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