Custom Engraved Pen

Height: 2 cm
Width: 17 cm
IDR 79,000

Product Details

Minimalistic elegant black pen. Customize it by engraving a name or quote on it to make your gift even more personal.

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A graduation gift have to be something memorable.

Graduation could mean a farewell. As we know that after graduating, people will go to their own different way to determine what they want to do next. It can be for a search of a job or a further education. We can’t ever make sure when or where we are going meet again. That’s why we need a gift that will be used often so that it will remind them of the one who gives it to them, that is you. A gift that is going to be useful but hold a special value for them. One of the gift that will be fit for both category is a pen.

Most people will still need pen even after graduating. Whether they end up working or get a further education, pen are an obligatory object to be own for most people. As we know, pens are the most commonly used type of writing instrument. That being said, pen is a good gift to be given to someone who you hold dear as precious people in your life. Moreover, a pen which engraved with their name or quotes on it. It will be nothing but perfect.

Here is the perfect gift you are looking for! An elegant black pen with a perfect shape and size to be hold to make sure your precious people will be comfortable while holding it. On its surface, you can engrave it with their name to make them feel special or fill it with quotes to give them emotional support everytime they are looking at it. If it’s for your lover, you can even engrave it with your own name to assure them that you will always be there in every step they take. How does it sound? ;) so what’s stopping you to gift them with this good quality and good looking pen?