East Java & Co - Orange Jam with Javanese Tea - 250g

Height: 10 cm
Width: 6 cm
IDR 82,000

Product Details

Delicious natural fruit jam made from local oranges infused with premium Javanese black tea from Mount Arjuna, East Java.

Carefully cooked by hand in traditional French copper pans in small batches no larger than four kilograms.

We are using only the freshest seasonal fruits and natural ingredients and no artificial additives and preservatives.

Our jams are made with more than 70g of fresh fruit per 100g of jam as a result our jams are full in flavour and color, reflecting the depth and texture of the fruit we use.

Most industrially produced jams on the other hand have a fruit content of as low as 25g per 100g and rarely in excess of 50g. Such producers are often also relying on fruit concentrate or frozen fruit. We believe one can taste the difference.


Recipe: Orange, Black Tea, Cane Sugar, Lemon, Apple Pectin

Net weight: 250g

Produce of Indonesia

Reference: F-EJ-107

Bpom RI MD 117828031509

Halal Certificate 100%