Planner Notebook

Height: 9 cm
Width: 14 cm
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Keep your schedule and To-Do's in order with this weekly planner.

Planner Notebook. Perfect planning leads into perfect results.

Graduation marks a brand-new day for a person. Most people treat it as a temporary freedom as there’re no school obligations and so on. Coming out of the old routines may cause some difficulties, one of them is to fit in the new routines we haven’t used to. With the old routines being removed, it often leaves you with nothing to do. To stay productive in those days, you need to set a plan.

Planning is a best way to organize your day to be in the right order and to make sure you spend your day wisely and productively. Planning also help to tell us what to do and to prepare what’s about to come. That way we will definitely be ready to face the day. We can start it with setting our daily plans. Daily plans play an important role to determine how your future will be. Just like the saying we earn little by little to gain something bigger, you can start winning your future by jotting down your daily to-do list and schedule in a notebook.

Knowing how important to set a plan is, why not persuade your loved ones to start organizing their day with a graduation gift. A perfect gift to show your care and attentiveness for your loved ones. An elegant planner notebook perfected with ivory paper to write down their everyday to-do list. Designed in a perfect shape and size that makes it easy to be carried. It allows your loved ones to bring it everywhere they go so that they can look into their plan for the day whenever and wherever they want to. It comes with 128 pages, this notebook has the ability to carry 62 weeks of plans.

Because good order is the foundation of all things.
- Edmund Burke

Because good order is the foundation of all things.
- Edmund Burke


- 62 weeks, 128 pages
- Ivory paper