The Executive

Height: 10 cm
Width: 25 cm
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"The Executive" - Gift Box for Him by Studiokado

Give your coworkers, bosses, and executives alike a sleek and elegant gift that will boost their confidence with our “The Executive”; a minimalistic yet sleek, elegant, and high quality gift box that can enhance the working experience and confidence of anyone receiving it!

Working for too long can often lead to us distracting ourselves from our work and cluttering our workspace. This clutter can lead to a cluttered mind and a drop of productivity, whether it be for coworkers, bosses, and executives; everyone can be affected by this, in addition to psychological problems such as lack of confidence for their work or a lack of fulfillment from doing their work. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to make your workspace organized so that you’re energized and productive, in addition to building confidence and fulfillment in work! With our “The Executive” gift box, anyone that’s been gifted this will be able to customize their workspace and make them feel confident!

The contents of this gift box are hand-selected gifts that will certainly help someone stick to their desk, in addition to boosting their confidence when working. Starting from an elegant black pen, a high quality notebook to write your ideas in, a customized tumbler with matte black finishing and golden writing that gives off the premium nuance of the tumblr, and a complementary Studiokado Greeting Card & Hangtag, our “The Executive” gift box is designed to not only make someone’s working experience more enjoyable, but also give a sense of confidence and fulfillment in doing so!

Gift your coworkers, bosses, and executives with “The Executive” giftbox and help them create a comfortable workspace that they can be proud of and make them feel fulfilled when working!

What's inside the Box:

  • 1x Customized Tumbler
  • 1x Elegant Black Pen
  • 1x Notebook
  • 1x Complimentary Studiokado Greeting Card & Hangtag

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Box size: 25 x 25 x 10cm
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"The Executive" - Gift Box for Him by Studiokado

Isi Box adalah:

  • 1x Customized Tumbler
  • 1x Elegant Black Pen
  • 1x Notebook
  • 1x Complimentary Studiokado Greeting Card & Hangtag

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Ukuran Box: 25 x 25 x 10cm
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