End the Year by Showing Gratitude to Partners and Customers

As the year comes to an end, we have the honor of creating custom-made hampers for Lamudi.  As a well-known online real estate marketplace with their mission to become the most trustworthy and reliable way to buy a property, earning the partners’ and customers’ trust by establishing a good relationship with them is Lamudi’s top priority. Therefore, we have curated the best hampers that suit this occasion to celebrate the upcoming year as well as to show appreciation for the support given during the past year.

We have created 2 different types of hampers for Lamudi that can be adjusted depending on who the recipient is:

What's inside the first hampers: 
- Branded Hardbox
- Reed Diffuser
- Essential Oil
- Scented Candle

What's inside the second hampers: 
- Brass Box
- Air Humidifier
- Ceramic Coffee Mug
- Scented Candle
- Premium Artisan Tea
- Wooden Coaster
- Greeting Card

We have provided a hardbox and a brass box that are well designed to deliver the best image of Lamudi. In the brass box, the translucent look certainly gives a unique impression as we can see directly what is inside the box which is sure to excite the recipient. Along with the blue accents on both boxes, we also have the phrase "open a new page" which highlights the spirit of welcoming the year ahead even more.

The first hampers focuses on enhancing the atmosphere and providing a feeling of relaxation to the recipient. Reed diffusers, scented candles and essential oils obviously have something in common that we all know and fit perfectly when we talk about the feeling of relaxation. Known for being long-lasting and beautiful room fragrances, we have also selected the best scents so that they give an elegant and luxurious impression that is suitable to accompany all activities that adds a pleasant feeling to the room. 

The second hampers with the brass box is more varied, but still revolves around the same relaxation theme as the first one. This hamper includes mostly tools and wares that can be used to enjoy some leisure time. For something different, this hamper also includes a jar of premium artisan tea. It is a perfect combination along with the wooden coaster and the ceramic mug as the complementing wares to accompany your afternoon tea time. Additionally, the box also includes an air humidifier and scented candle to enhance the atmosphere indoors, just like the first hampers.

Overall, these custom-made hampers for Lamudi are a heartfelt gesture to end the year. With the thoughtfully selected items that promote relaxation and enjoyment, the hampers convey the company’s appreciation and gratitude towards their valued partners.