PT Jarum Mahakarya Client Gifting

Embracing Excellence Together: Honoring Our Valued Clients

In our commitment to continually offering special gifts and tokens of appreciation, we are proud to collaborate with PT Jarum Mahakarya to create a heartfelt expression of gratitude for PT Jarum's esteemed clients through a special collection. This collection is a sincere gesture of thanks from PT Jarum Mahakarya to its valued clients, and we are pleased to share the details of this project.

What's Inside?

  • Branded Hardbox
  • Notebook
  • Tumbler
  • Pen
  • Greeting Card

Inside the high-quality branded hardbox, recipients will find a carefully curated collection from PT Jarum Mahakarya. Each item is selected to reflect the essence of the clients’ journey in a strong partnership.

Included is a classic notebook adorned with the PT Jarum Mahakarya logo, symbolizing blank pages ready to be filled with the valuable journey between the clients and the company.

Additionally, there’s an elegant tumbler with an attractive design, representing the company’s dedication to innovation and excellence. Its functionality ensures it can accompany clients through their daily challenges.

Accompanying the collection is a premium pen, symbolizing the power of ideas and the importance of communication in the partnership between the clients and the company. Each stroke of the pen is a reminder of the collaborative efforts and shared successes.
This collection is a sincere expression of gratitude to our valued clients, who inspire the company to continue achieving limitless success. It also reflects the strength of the partnership and the trust built with a shared vision for a brighter future.