Mark the International Anti Corruption Day with a Decent Memorabilia

In a company or business organization, gifts are often given to their partners and staff during important occasions. Such important occasions are not only limited to anniversaries, but can also include relevant national or international celebrations. In celebration of World Anti-Corruption Day, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) entrusted us to present a special collection.

What's inside:

  • Branded Hardbox
  • Hardcover Notebook
  • Parker Pen
  • Greeting Card

For this particular project, we chose simple essential items to fill in the gift hampers. We put in a custom notebook for every gift hamper. The notebook has the International Anti Corruption Day design on its front cover to mark the day that we are celebrating. Not only well-designed, this notebook is also perfect for taking notes during meetings or even writing down evidence that has been found, perfect for those of who work for the KPK, isn’t it?

Of course, a notebook is incomplete if it doesn't come with a pen. We also include a pen by Parker in the hampers. With high quality materials and smooth ink for writing, this is a perfect combination that will make writing experience easier. Because not only a good writing experience is important, but also the aesthetics of the tools that are being used. 

And to top it off, we also provide the option to customize the greeting card, so that words of appreciation can be conveyed to the recipient of these gift hampers. Be it words of encouragement to further fight corruption in the country or simply a word of gratitude, these greeting cards are fully customizable and are sure to be appreciated.

It will all be neatly packaged in a well-designed hardbox to give a good impression upon receipt, even before the recipient opens the box. 

Celebrating important events, especially International Days that are relevant to the organization or company values are necessary for a major organization such as KPK. Such kinds of celebrations are beneficial not only to remind every member of the organization’s core value, but also to show appreciation towards the company or organization’s members. One good gesture that can be used to do so is by giving away customized gift hampers.