Orica Company Event Gifts

Let's celebrate significant company milestones together!

In a heartfelt atmosphere of togetherness, Orica has just hosted a truly memorable company event for all participants and attendees. Each event participant certainly deserves appreciation in the form of special gifts to cherish as mementos.

What's Inside?

  • Branded Hardbox with Separator
  • Parker Pen
  • JBL Wave Buds
  • Greeting Card

As the event concluded, every participant was honored with a special gift from Orica, elegantly packaged in an exclusive hardbox adorned with the company logo. Inside, there's a Parker Pen, a globally renowned writing instrument brand, with a unique engraving symbolizing the company's professionalism and dedication. Additionally, there's the JBL Wave Buds, offering top-tier sound quality in its class, providing music enthusiasts with a memorable and enjoyable listening experience. Lastly, but certainly not least, each gift comes with a sincere greeting card, expressing the company's gratitude for the dedication and hard work of every individual who contributed to the success of Orica's company event.