Akrivia HCM’s Employee Appreciation Kit

Transforming Gratitude into a Tangible Experience

Boost Employee Morale with the Exclusive Employee Appreciation Kit!

Recognizing employees has become one of the essential foundations in the workplace to continue growing. It's not just about giving recognition for achievements that have been reached; this appreciation also serves to show sincere gratitude for the dedication and hard work for the team.

What’s Inside?

  • Branded Corrugated Box
  • Calendar
  • Ceramic Mug
  • TANAMERA Tubruk - Arabica
  • 3x Mini Rittersport Chocolates
  • Greeting Card

In this Akrivia HCM project, we include several exclusive products, such as a high-quality ceramic mug to hold your favorite beverages like tea or coffee. We have even prepared the finest Arabica ground coffee along with premium-quality mini Rittersport chocolates. Additionally, there is a desk calendar ready to adorn your office desk.

This employee appreciation kit is carefully designed to express the company's gratitude in a memorable way. It also includes a greeting card to convey a message and impression to the recipient, making them feel even more appreciated.


Ready to Show How Much You Appreciate Your Team?

Order the Appreciation Kit now for your employees and witness better team morale. Learn more about our Corprate Gifting Options.