Thesis Warriors, Here are 5+ Gift Ideas for Your Supervisor

We'll present some creative and thoughtful gift ideas for you to consider giving to your supervisor. Let's dive into these gift ideas and types!

There's no harm in considering giving your thesis supervisor a gift once you've finished your thesis. It's more than just a typical keepsake, a gift can also be a heartfelt way to show appreciation for the guidance and support they've provided throughout your thesis journey.

In this article, we'll present some creative and thoughtful gift ideas for you to consider giving to your supervisor. Let's dive into these gift ideas and types!


Gift Ideas for Your Supervisor 

Dear fellow thesis warriors, here are some gift recommendations you might want to consider for your supervisor:


1. Photo Frame 

Photo FrameĀ A beautifully adorned photo frame with charming decorations, elegantly presented in an attractive box, along with some of your supervisor's favorite items to add a personal touch and keep things interesting! | Credit: Studiokado

As a classic item cherished by many, a photo frame is a perfect choice as a gift for your supervisor. Why? Because a photo frame is practical and can be used for an extended period. 

Who knows, your supervisor might place it on their work desk or hang it on their office wall, making this gift even more meaningful.


2. Notebook

notebookA sweetly wrapped notebook paired with stationery, and perhaps an additional gift like a small mug next to it. | Credit: Studiokado

Notebooks are timeless and always come in handy in daily life, especially for educators. 

Whether it's for teaching activities or everyday tasks, notebooks remain a go-to for jotting down ideas, planning, and important notes. This versatility makes it a considerate and practical gift for your supervisor.


3. Mug

mugA unique personalized mug featuring your supervisor's favorite movie or icon, along with a custom engraved name, adding a touch of uniqueness to the gift. making the gift more memorable. | Credit: Studiokado 

Mugs are another excellent choice for daily use, especially for your supervisor. However, to make this mug more personal and memorable, look for one that can be customized with a special design. This way, your mug will stand out from ordinary mugs.

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4. Custom Pen

custom penIs your supervisor a pen enthusiast? Give them a high-quality custom pen with their name elegantly engraved, presented in a stylish pen case. | Credit: Studiokado

Being an academic, a good pen is an essential tool. Therefore, you can provide a high-quality pen as a gift and enhance it with custom features, such as your supervisor's name or other meaningful words.


5. Custom Tumbler

custom tumblerCustom tumblers, engraved with your supervisor's name, remain a reliable choice, especially if your supervisor prefers carrying a water bottle with them everywhere. | Credit: Studiokado 

Tumblers not only offer great utility but are also environmentally friendly. It's no surprise that many people have switched to using tumblers for their daily hydration needs. As a gift for your supervisor, you can try customizing a tumbler with their name or a thank-you message.

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6. Aromatherapy and Sleep Kit 

Aromatherapy and Sleep KitĀ Does your supervisor enjoy self-care before bedtime? Surprise them with a sleep kit containing aromatherapy candles, a sleep mask, a face roller, and a scrunchie for an extra touch of delight. | Credit: Studiokado 

If your supervisor is a woman, consider giving an aromatherapy and sleep kit. This gift can include aromatherapy candles, essential oils, and other items that can help them relax and enjoy a peaceful night's sleep after a busy day.


7. Cookies

CookiesPerfect for supervisors who enjoy snacks, cookies are always a safe choice, especially if you know their favorite kind. | Credit: Studiokado

For those who prefer a hassle-free gift, you can opt for a set or parcel of cookies for your supervisor.

To add a personal touch, include a message or letter expressing your gratitude for their guidance during your thesis process. 


These are some types of items you can consider as gifts for your thesis supervisor. Which one do you think would be the most suitable for your supervisor?

If you're still struggling to find gift inspiration for your thesis supervisor or want to buy a customizable gift, you can visit the Studiokado website. Studiokado offers a variety of gift options for people who hold significance in your life, including your thesis supervisor. 

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