Appreciate Clients during festive seasons!

What's inside?
  • Hardbox with Branded Sleeve
  • Mug with Company Branding
  • Brew Me Tea
  • Scented Candle
  • KAKAW Almond Milk Chocolate
  • Greeting Card

Aside from employees, clients are a company’s biggest factor of success. Without a strong customer base, a business can quickly fall apart, where maintaining good relationships with your current customers are just as important as getting new ones. With that, it’s important to show your clients appreciation on various occasions such as festivals or even on their company anniversary, and what better way to show such appreciation than to give them a client appreciation hamper!

In the project for TikTok, we have included among others a customized mug with company branding and some tea to brew into that mug for a delicious drink, as well as a scented candle and Kakaw Almond Milk Chocolate to accompany your client to relax. All of this is tucked neat and tight into a company-branded hardbox with a greeting card slipped inside.

These days, it’s hard to find anyone not familiar with TikTok, currently one of the leading platforms for people to post short-form content on. With the current climate of content creation where new features are constantly being rolled out, people that work there can become very tired even while still in the office. Providing a hamper that understands the hardships of a social media company by including items that help relax can be a nice little gesture of appreciation towards your client.