8 Unique Event or Exhibition Souvenir Ideas, Budget-Friendly Yet Memorable

Wondering what kind of souvenirs would leave a lasting impression? Check out these suggestions for unique souvenirs that work well for events or exhibitions.

Exhibitions are more than just art displays; they're also hubs for connecting product suppliers. These events double as opportunities to showcase and promote products, and it's common for exhibitors to hand out souvenirs.

These souvenirs aren't just to lure people to their booths. Corporate Souvenir is also a savvy marketing tools, helping to boost brand recognition. Wondering what kind of souvenirs would leave a lasting impression? Check out these suggestions for unique souvenirs that work well for events or exhibitions.


Unique Exhibition Souvenir Recommendations


1. Goodie Bag

goodie bag

Goodie bags filled with surprises to spice up event mementos — each item carefully crafted to capture the unforgettable moments of your event. | Credit: Studiokado

Goodie bags are the go-to souvenirs at various events, including exhibitions. If there are multiple booths offering keepsakes, consider opting for a goodie bag. Unlike plastic bags, these tote bags come in handy for carrying products or items from other stands

This ensures that your goodie bag stays with the attendees throughout the entire exhibition. Typically, these bags come with product samples. For instance, if your business is in the beauty industry, include makeup product samples in the tote bags handed out as souvenirs.


2. Planner

 PlannerPlanners as souvenirs might be pretty common, but they're very useful for event visitors. | Credit: Studiokado

Another cool souvenir idea for events or exhibitions is a planner. Sure, planners are quite standard, but they're incredibly handy for attendees. They can use the planner to jot down all sorts of important stuff. To give it a unique touch, consider designing the planner creatively.

To spice it up, think about getting planners with a cool leather cover for that extra durability. Throw in some handy pockets on the inside for stashing cash, pens, and debit cards. Don't forget to give your branding and company logo on the cover — that way, your booth stays in their minds long after the event's done.


3. Tumbler

Spruce up your event with custom-designed tumblers for that premium vibe. Slap on your company logo for some solid branding. | Credit: Instagram @studiokado.co.id.

Tumblers, with their pocket-friendly prices, are a popular pick for event souvenirs. They come in various materials — plastic, stainless, even wood. Now, if you're up for splurging a bit to stand out from the crowd, opt for the pricier stainless or wooden tumblers instead of the usual plastic ones.

Get a custom-designed tumbler to give it that premium touch. And, of course, don't miss the chance to throw your company logo on there for some extra promotional purposes. If attendees end up using your tumbler every day, that souvenir becomes a sneaky effective promotional tool.

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4. Flash Drive or USB

 Flash Drive or USB
Go for a USB as a souvenir to take home the showcased work from the exhibition. | Credit: Unsplash by charlesdeluvio

Flashdisks or USBs can be a unique souvenir recommendation for events or exhibitions that can be chosen. You can load information about the exhibition onto the distributed USBs, especially since not all the showcased work might be detailed in the catalog.

While it's true that the cost of this souvenir will be higher compared to some of the previous items, it's remarkably effective. Visitors will perceive your booth as more classy because you're bold enough to offer souvenirs like this.


5. Umbrella

 UmbrellaUmbrellas aren't just handy; they can also be a walking billboard by adding a logo on them. | Credit: Shutterstock

Fun fact: data shows that the impact of a gifted umbrella can stick around for at least 14 months. And if the umbrella stays in good shape, that period could be even longer. That's why umbrellas make for fantastic promotional souvenirs.

Given their practicality, people don't mind a brand logo on the umbrella, especially if it's durable enough for everyday use. So, as long as the event visitors keep using it, the umbrella becomes a free, mobile promotional tool.


6. Pin

Pins are not only a budget-friendly souvenir option but also a nifty way to promote your brand. Go for a cool pin design to up its charm. | Credit: Shutterstock

If you're in the market for unique and affordable souvenirs for events or exhibitions, think about getting some pins. These little guys come with a hook like a safety pin or a magnet on one side, and on the other side, you can showcase your brand logo for some extra promo power. Lots of smart business folks choose these as exhibition souvenirs because they're super practical.

Just a heads up, pins come in all sorts of shapes, not just the usual round ones. You can find them in box shapes or get creative with custom designs. So, why not make pins with shapes that scream your brand logo or something unique to make them stand out?


7. Pens

Give the pen a touch of luxury with some fancy packaging, making it feel exclusive, and be sure to throw in the brand logo. | Credit: Studiokado

Just like pins, pens are a popular choice for exhibition souvenirs because they're easy on the budget. They're a great pick if you're working with limited funds. Despite their simplicity, these pens become highly practical souvenirs at exhibitions.

Not everyone strolling through the exhibition brings along stationery. Once there, many realize they could use some writing tools to jot down important notes at each booth. That's where the pens you give as souvenirs come in handy. And, of course, don't forget to add some text or brand logos to make your exhibition stand more memorable.

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8. Keychain

Get a personalized resin keychain with a unique design —pick your first name initial or brand name. | Credit: Studiokado

Keychains make for really cool exhibition souvenirs. There's a variety of keychain models to choose from based on your preferences. You can go for one shaped like your brand logo, a leather keychain with space for an ID card, or a lanyard keychain that can hold a flash drive.

Out of the unique souvenir recommendations for events or exhibitions mentioned earlier, which one catches your eye the most? Whichever souvenir you go for, nail down the design. Some people aren't too keen on rocking items with obvious brand logos, so a well-planned design ensures your souvenirs become slick promotional tools.


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