In Adition to Toys, Here Are Some Great Gift Ideas for 1 Year Olds

To help you find the right present without any confusion, here are some recommendations for suitable gifts for 1 year old children.

The tradition of celebrating birthdays with gifts is deeply ingrained in our culture. Beyond being a symbol of love and affection, gift-giving is an essential part of celebrating someone's birthday. For us, a birthday celebration feels incomplete without the act of giving a gift, as it signifies attention and happiness.

However, selecting the perfect gift can be a challenging task, particularly when the recipient is 1 year old. It's a special occasion, and we naturally want to offer a present that is not only age-appropriate but also practical. To help you find the right present without any confusion, here are some recommendations for suitable gifts for 1 year old children.


Recommended Gifts for 1 Year Old Children

If you're seeking present inspiration for a one-year-old, here are some thoughtful suggestions to consider. Choose a present that is suitable and useful for the baby.


1. Baby Walker

baby walkerBaby walkers are excellent aids for a child's motor development and growth. They come equipped with small toys on the front, making the learning process even more enjoyable. | Credit: Shutterstock

Children grow very fast, and they often require assistance during the phase of learning to walk. Therefore, a good option is to give them a baby walker. It helps them take their first steps more smoothly. You can easily find baby walkers in various online stores.


2. Alphabet Poster

Alphabet PosterAlphabet posters featuring adorable animal illustrations. Although babies can't read yet, they can be introduced to some objects at an early age. | Credit: Shutterstock

Even though 1 year olds may not be speaking fluently, you can kickstart their language-learning journey by gifting them a large alphabet poster. They can begin to learn the alphabet slowly while delighting in the cute images and vibrant colors on the poster. This kind of poster can be found at prices starting from as low as Rp. 9,600.


3. Picture Book

picture bookPicture books can also introduce babies to a wide variety of objects, such as pictures of animals, plants or even get to know colors. | Credit: Picsea on Unsplash

Introducing books to babies from an early age is a wise choice. Therefore, choose books as a present for a 1 year old child. A variety of baby books are available with a wide range of prices, from tens of thousands to millions of rupiah. Make sure you choose books appropriate for their age, such as those featuring animal pictures with audio features or sturdy board books with textured pages.


4. Eating Cutlery

eating cutleryBaby cutlery designed to encourage your little one's independent feeding journey, featuring playful shapes and soft grips to make mealtime exploration enjoyable. | Credit: Shutterstock

Next on the list are eating supplies. At the age of one, children can start exhibiting picky eating habits. Colorful and appealing tableware can help spark their enthusiasm for meals.

In addition to plates, cups, and utensils, you might want to consider food shapers like bento molds. These kits can serve as both a learning tool for self-feeding and a fun play cooking accessory.


5. Cute Clothes

Cute ClothesClothing for babies with cute colors and patterns is always in demand and can be used for many months to come. | Credit: Shutterstock

1 year olds often begin to develop preferences for their favorite characters. Hence, gifting clothes, shoes, or accessories adorned with their beloved characters can be a great choice. However, make sure you choose the right size so that your little one can be comfortable wearing it. If it's a bit big, it doesn't matter because it can still be used in the next few months.

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6. Small Musical Instruments

Small Musical InstrumentsSmall musical instruments offer a delightful way to introduce musical notes to babies while enhancing their motor skills, making playtime more entertaining. | Credit: Vanooteghem on Unsplash

Introducing music to babies is a wonderful idea. While they may not yet comprehend musical notes, these instruments can accompany playtime and add more variety to their activities. The musical instruments can also produce sounds, providing extra entertainment for your little one.


7. Inflatable Kiddie Pool

Inflatable Kiddie PoolA pool that guarantees a safe and collision-free space for little ones to enjoy bathing activities. | Credit: Shutterstock

Inflatable kiddie pools provide a secure and cushioned space for your little one to enjoy splashing around. Made from soft, inflatable materials, these pools ensure safety and minimize the risk of accidents. Your child will have even more fun if you add some toys, like rubber ducks or colorful balls, to make their pool time more enjoyable.


8. Photo Album

Photo AlbumA photo album designed to preserve precious moments of your little one's journey from newborn to toddler age. | Credit: Unsplash

Cherished moments with your baby are often captured in photographs. A photo album serves as a wonderful keepsake for storing pictures of your child's growth, from newborn through the toddler years. These photo albums are perfect for revisiting those memories as your child grows. You can also use the album to store photos of children and their parents.


9. Piggy bank

Piggy bankGift your little one a piggy bank to teach early money-saving habits and improve fine motor skills by inserting objects. | Credit: Shutterstock 

At the age of one, children often enjoy putting objects into things. By giving a piggy bank, you can teach your little one about saving money and the joy of depositing coins into their piggy bank. We recommend choosing a piggy bank made of plastic for safety, reducing the risk of breakage if dropped.


10. Jackets and Sweaters

Jackets and SweatersCozy coats and sweaters designed to keep the baby warm and protect them from the chilly wind, reducing the risk of catching illnesses. | Credit: Unsplash


1 year old babies are often more vulnerable to illnesses due to exposure to cold winds. Thus, gifting a warm jacket or sweater is a thoughtful choice for a 1 year old, especially if the family frequently takes the baby outdoors, as it helps maintain their body temperature.

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These gift suggestions will hopefully assist you in finding the perfect present for your dear child. Remember that the most important thing of your present is the love and joy you share during this special moment.
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