Baby Book - Forest

Height: 17 cm
Width: 14 cm
IDR 118,000

Product Details

Appreciate your baby's growth with a "Forest Book Baby Hampers" by Studiokado! Introduce your baby to the forest and animals that live within it. It comes along with accesories that are safe to use by babies and stimulate your little ones conginitve functions. 

It is necessary to teach your baby about forest and nature wealth. Then how to introduce your baby to forest and natural wealth around them? Parents can let the babies know about nature and animals that are in forests by playing and exploring outside. Tell them about plants and animals that are found.

Your baby also can discover new things related to forests and natural wealth in a game ride. Take the babies to the zoo can be another good choice, see and give the babies know to the names of animals in the forest. Besides playing and do vacation, parents can introduce forests and nature through a picture book or fairy tale. Give your baby "Forest Book Baby Hampers" gift by Studiokado to let them explore more!

The "Forest Book Baby Hampers" by Studiokado contains a book about the forest and its animals to be taught to your baby. The book is equipped with accessories that are safe to use for babies and can stimulate babies' cognitive abilities. Besides help your babies to know more about the forest and its animals, this can help the babies to cultivate a sense of love for nature and forests. Read the book and tell animals names to babies also can enrich their vocabularies. Teach the babies about animal sounds can help them train their speaking.

Support baby's growth with the "Forest Book Baby Hampers" by Studiokado!