Baby Book - Sea

Height: 17 cm
Width: 14 cm
IDR 118,000

Product Details

Let the babies get to know more about life and living things, allow them to have a "Sea Book Baby Hampers" from Studiokado! Introduce your baby to the sea and animals that live within it. It comes along with accesories that are safe to use by babies and stimulate your little ones conginitve functions.

Many parents celebrate every special moment of their babies that happen by giving them small gifts such as taking them to somewhere. Usually parents will take their babies to do vacation to a beach while teaching them about a sea and developing their cognitive, motor and sensory abilities. 70 percent of this Earth's surface consists of oceans and oceans have long provided benefits to humans and other creatures living.

The nutritional content of fish is needed for the growth of the baby, but parents also have to be careful because sometimes there are some babies who are allergic to fish. Back to the vacation, besides can enjoy the beach scenary, parents will have many things to be taught to their babies. From learn to explore many new shapes and textures until learn about various types of animals and plants in the sea and around the beach.

This is needed to stimulate babies' sensory abilities and train their motor skills. Learn about animals and plants can enrich vocabulary and develop their cognitive abilities by introducing them to various important basic concepts such as big-small, up-down, dry-wet and many more. Unfortunately babies must be at least 3 months old to be brought to the beach.

Parents do not  have to worry about it anymore! Teach your baby about the sea and its living creatures can be done easily through a book. This "Sea Book Baby Hampers" from Studiokado contains a smart book for your baby to teach them about the sea and various types of animals in the sea. The book comes along with safe accessories to stimulate your little ones cognitive function.

Celebrate and wish every happy moment that happens on your baby by giving the "Sea Book Baby Hampers" from Studiokado!