Baby Book - Little Face

Height: 17 cm
Width: 14 cm
IDR 118,000

Product Details

Stimulate your baby's cognitive, motor and sensor skills (audio-visual-touch). This baby book introduces face expressions and also trains sensory abilities visually to children, especially at the early age of growth. Children are encouraged to recognize & understand various expressions from an early age, as this is important for a child's social intelligence. Wish happiness to those cute babies with a special "Little Face Book Baby Hampers" from Studiokado!.

Buying a cake or toy may be a general choice for most people when there is any birth of a baby or a baby's birthday. But giving special gifts that have more benefits and can be useful for the baby development is also one thing that is no less good. Giving something like a book can be the best choice for this special moment. Most people do not think and realize that this choice and gift is a good one. You know, why this can be a good baby gift?

0-3 months babies will develop their milestones through exploration on five senses and their surrounding environments. Meanwhile, 3-4 months babies will begin to develop their cognitive abilities through what things the babies get. Their cognitive developments varies from one another and there are many certain things that can be a clue to their developments.

Starting from the age of 3-6 months, babies' perceptions begin to develop. During this period, most babies begin to show developments as recognize their family members' faces, respond to other people's facial expressions and start imitating it. 3-6 months babies also will learn how to recognize and respond to surrounding sounds.

The "Little Face Book Baby Hampers" from Studiokado contains a book that can be a learning tool for the babies! One book but have three learning materials, stimulate babies' cognitive, motor and sensory abilities. A special and simple book with visual picture, audio and touch tool to teach and introduce the babies about expressions. This is important for babies' social intelligence. Give the babies more pleasure through this special "Little Face Book Baby Hampers"  from Studiokado!