Employee Surprise Appreciation for Multi Bintang

A Feel Good Package for your Employees

A business’ staff members can be seen as the backbone of said business, working seven days a week to help it grow. A company may not be able to sustain itself without their hard work, as working employees can be compared to cogs in a machine that, if not moved and cared for, can bring the entire machine to a halt. Remember that showing gratitude for your employees' hard work not only makes them happy, but it can also help cultivate company loyalty. After all, who doesn't appreciate a gift after a long day at work?

What's inside the Box:

  • Painting Kit
  • Face Mask
  • Custom Mug with Employee Name
  • Stress Ball
  • Scented Candle
  • Melts with Crunch
  • Bath Salt Tube

In the project for Multi Bintang, we included a multitude of items to help an employee wind down after a tough day at the office. These items are a painting kit for those who want to get in touch with their artistic side, a face mask, a custom mug with the employee’s name printed onto it for all their beverage needs, a scented candle and bath salt for that relaxing bath experience. We’ve also added some melts with crunch to scratch that sweet tooth, and a stress ball to help release the tension they would feel throughout the day.

Multi Bintang is a beer-brewing company that began operations way back in 1929 with the establishment of NV Nederlandsh-Indische Bierbrouwerijen. Their first brewery was located in Surabaya, and now they have firmly established themselves as one of the most trusted brewing companies in Indonesia. With beer having a multitude of historical significance, such as being a complimentary drink in many social gatherings and a general drink to wind down with friends, we’ve decided to put some relaxing items to help with that winding-down phase.