10 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Company Employees

Christmas has always been a very special holiday for everyone. It’s a good idea for you to give a gift for your employees to enjoy during the holidays to show your appreciation. Here are some corporate Christmas gift ideas for them!

Gifting at Christmas is one of the ways people celebrate it
Gifting at Christmas is one of the ways people celebrate it | Credit: Studiokado

Christmas has always been a very special holiday. Since it also starts at the end of the year, people frequently take their days off from work to go see their family and loved ones, spending time with them throughout Christmas.

Of course, companies don’t really go on holidays, but their employees do. This is a good time for you, as a company, to give your employees a corporate christmas gift as a token of appreciation for their hard work throughout the whole year. But you also need to give them the most suitable gifts for the season in order for your employees to truely appreciate the gift you gave them, which can be a little tricky. Here are some ideas for a custom christmas hampers that your employees might love to get!


1. French Press & Grinded Coffee

French presses are a premium yet thoughtful gift for someone who loves coffee
French presses are a premium yet thoughtful gift for someone who loves coffee | Credit: Georgi Petrov from Pexels

Aside from water, coffee is considered to be one of the most popular drinks in the world, so it’s safe to say that your employees might enjoy coffee themselves. But buying coffee from cafes all the time can break your wallet, so why not give them a way to brew coffee for themselves and save their money. Although brewing coffee can be tedious and time consuming, a french press provides an easy and relatively quick way to make your coffee, so it could make a great gift for those who love coffee!

You could also throw in some grinded coffee for them so that they can start making coffee right away. And even if they don’t like coffee, a french press can also be used for making other types of drink, such as tea.


2. Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth earbuds are great for watching movies or listening to music without being tied down
Bluetooth earbuds are great for watching movies or listening to music without being tied down | Credit: Studiokado

Long holidays like Christmas are the perfect time to just sit down, relax, and enjoy some holiday-themed movies. A big part of those movies are the sounds, which could definitely affect the enjoyment of those who are watching them. Why not do your employees a favor and give them some bluetooth earbuds so that they can fully enjoy and emerse themselves in their movies?


3. Yearly Planner

Yearly planners are one of the best gifts for an organized person
Yearly planners are one of the best gifts for an organized person | Credit: Bich Tran from Pexels

Some people enjoy planning their everyday activities and use a planner to track what needs to be done at any moment. While in the 21st century, everything can be digitized, there’s always something satisfying about holding a physical book and writing on it. For those types of people, a yearly planner can be one of the best gifts they can get since they’ll be using them throughout next year.


4. Ceramic Mugs

Mugs are always a safe gift option to give someone
Mugs are always a safe gift option to give someone | Credit: Studiokado

Christmas weather can get extremely chilly. Whether you experience 4 seasons or only 2, December and January tends to give you either heavy rain or snow. On these days, a good warm glass of tea or chocolate can make your day brighter than usual. It’s a good idea to make drinking those drinks even more enjoyable with a high quality ceramic mug, courtesy of your company! You can never go wrong with gifting your employees a mug with a slick design to not only give them a good drinking experience, but also make them look cool doing so.


5. Reusable Drinkware: Bottle, Tumbler, or Thermos

tumblerReusable drinkware is undeniably practical and will find its way into employees' hands even beyond the office setting. | Credit: Studiokado

This Christmas gift suggestion is not only solutive and innovative but also demonstrates proactive support for your company's employees. Wondering how? Well, providing a water bottle, tumbler, or thermos can contribute to enhancing their work efficiency. For instance, these beverage containers can be filled with coffee or their favorite drinks, making them ideal companions during work hours.

Beyond the professional context, these drink holders are also trendy and versatile for various outdoor activities. Whether for family outings, children's events, or leisure with spouses, these items remain highly relevant. What adds a meaningful touch is that such a useful gift is a sustainable alternative to disposable items, making it an eco-friendly gesture.

What makes for a great product? Customize it to suit your needs. Whether it's a modern glass tumbler adorned with a company logo print or a heat-resistant, leak-proof thermos, personalizing these items with designs, names, and custom details for employees demonstrates your appreciation as an employer.


6. Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Stainless Steel Lunch BoxAn essential lunchbox for employees who regularly bring their meals to the office. | Credit: Shutterstock

Beyond just a beverage holder, you can also consider a lunch box as a Christmas gift. These lunchboxes come in handy for various occasions, whether it's lunch at the office or meals on the go. To add a touch of lasting appeal, consider selecting a stainless steel lunch box. Why stainless steel?

Well, this material is known for being hygienic and classy. Plus, it does a great job of keeping food warm for an extended period. You can customize the design and shape based on your preferences. Whether you go for a set-shaped dining box with various sizes or a simpler version, rest assured that this gift will be genuinely appreciated.


7. ID Card Holder

ID Card HolderConsider a multi-functional ID card holder that not only keeps identity cards secure but also has room for storing cash. | Credit: Studiokado

Have you ever come across customized ID cards for businesses? Well, for Christmas gifts, you might want to consider ID card holders. And there's more than meets the eye – there are various ways to enhance the utility and versatility of ID card holders. For instance, there's a type with a business card holder that includes pockets for stashing cash and cards.

It serves as both a card holder and a miniature wallet. Some designs even feature a large zipper for accommodating a cellphone. As a result, employees can make use of this gift in various situations. However, don't just focus on functionality and appearance.

To make this Christmas gift more memorable, personal, or professional, you can choose a more neutral design and look, like a contemporary ID card crafted from leather. Choose one with multiple functions, ensuring it goes beyond just work-related needs and becomes a handy accessory for various activities.


8. Custom Pillow 

Custom Pillow Consider unique custom pillows as thoughtful Christmas gifts for employees. | Credit: Studiokado

Wondering why a pillow is a gift? Is it a subtle hint to get more sleep, or perhaps a sarcastic gesture suggesting laziness? Hold on, don't misinterpret the intention behind gifting custom pillows for Christmas. Actually, these gifts can be a pretty nice gesture, showing a genuine concern for employees' well-being and comfort.

Just think about the daily work grind and the importance of taking a little break. That's why you might spot pillows on employees' desks – a handy tool for a quick breather or to give some support for the lower back and neck. In essence, these pillows play a crucial role in boosting employee performance.

To make sure this Christmas gift hits the mark, think about choosing pillows that cater to the specific needs of the recipient. Whether it's neck pillows, lumbar support for chairs, or compact desk pillows, go for what suits them best. Also, pay attention to the material for that extra touch of comfort and softness. The beauty is that these pillows can also find utility in employees' homes beyond the office space.


9. Shopping vouchers

Shopping vouchersShopping vouchers may seem straightforward, but they have the power to bring joy to the recipient. | Credit: Studiokado

During the holiday season, giving money is a common practice. To add a personal touch and steer clear of any favoritism concerns, consider opting for gift cards instead of cash. This Christmas present will carry more significance, showcasing your appreciation and providing a bonus for your employees. Now, the question is, what type of gift card?

Customize these cards based on your company's budget, your relationship with your employees, or your partnerships. Perhaps you could offer gift cards for a specific supermarket, each with a substantial value. Alternatively, consider service-based vouchers for a set amount, like spa or vacation vouchers, allowing your employees to enjoy something meaningful during their time off.


10.  Unique Hamper from Studiokado

Unique Hamper from StudiokadoDiscover unique and exclusive Christmas hampers from Studiokado, perfect for these special holiday moments. | Credit: Studiokado

If you're unsure about what to give or dealing with a lengthy gift list, a stylish hamper is an excellent solution. Hampers offer a professional touch while containing various high-quality items with different price ranges. Take, for example, Studiokado's Christmas Hamper.

These Christmas hampers can include delightful treats like small cakes, cookies, ceramic mugs, and greeting cards. For a more lavish option, there are hampers featuring tea, cookies, mugs, and additional items. You also have the flexibility to choose combinations like mugs, drink bottles, or cushions with cards. Each item is thoughtfully arranged in a beautifully crafted hardbox, making it a splendid offering for Christmas Eve.

Here are our top 10 suggestions for your upcoming corporate Christmas gifts, a thoughtful way to show appreciation to your employees. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in creating personalized corporate hampers for Christmas!



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