6 Souvenir Ideas for Office Meetings

To help you choose suitable office souvenirs, check out the suggestions below.

Stuck on selecting souvenirs for office meetings? No worries! There are plenty of ideas that can make a good impression on your event attendees. Souvenirs are a thoughtful gesture often given to clients, potential customers, and employees as a token of appreciation. Therefore, it's essential to carefully consider souvenir ideas for your office meetings.

Common office events that involve souvenirs include company birthdays, seminars, annual meetings, workshop conferences, project success elebrations, and other significant corporate gatherings. To help you choose suitable office souvenirs, check out the suggestions below.


Memorable and Exclusive Office Souvenir Recommendations


1. Tumbler

tumblerElegantly designed tumblers featuring the company logo will add a special touch to this souvenir for meeting participants. | Credit: Instagram @studiokado.co.id

In today's world, almost everyone on the go carries a water bottle or tumbler. Unlike regular plastic bottles, this type of bottle keeps beverages warm or hot effectively. It's an interesting idea to turn it into a souvenir for office meetings by incorporating a company logo design.

Moreover, you can customize the design and material according to specific requests or preferences. With a variety of choices, you can get unique tumbler souvenirs. Opting for well-known tumbler brands can give off a professional vibe. And of course, the quality of materials and features is top-notch.


2. Corporate Gift Set

corporate gift setConsider going for a corporate gift set as your next souvenir choice — a package that bundles together several practical items destined for regular use. Be sure to brand each item with the company logo. | Credit: Instagram @studiokado.co.id

This versatile gift set proves fitting for various recipients, be it investors, business clients, or employees. It typically includes items like pens, flash drives, power banks, tumblers, and more, making it perfect for major events like shareholder meetings, seminars, and business partnerships.


To make a lasting impression, prioritize top-notch design and quality, especially since this exclusive souvenir is meant for those who have collaborated. It serves as a gesture of appreciation and gratitude. With diverse options available, you can pick and choose based on your budget and preferences.


3. Card Holder

Card HolderChoosing card holders, known for their practicality and space-saving design, is a great idea for souvenirs at office meetings. | Credit: Instagram @studiokado.co.id

Consider card holders as a thoughtful souvenir option for office meetings. These souvenirs are not only important but also practical, providing a handy storage solution for essential cards like IDs, driver's licenses, vehicle registrations, and more. With a reasonably affordable price, you can personalize the design and material of the holder to give it a premium look.

See ID card holders as more than just gifts; they also serve as a means to reinforce self-identity. This contributes to building a closer bond between the company and its employees, showing care and attention that can boost motivation and engagement at work.


4. Clutch Bag

Clutch BagSturdy and stylish clutch bags crafted from genuine leather — a choice that not only stands the test of time but also elevates your brand image among customers. | Credit: Instagram @studiokado.co.id

These clutch bags make excellent gifts for valued customers, investors, or standout employees. With a sleek design, they radiate a modern and trendy vibe, making them an ideal pick for a sophisticated and professional corporate office gift. Opting for leather adds a touch of luxury that's sure to leave a lasting impression.

When prioritizing durability, genuine leather emerges as an excellent option for office souvenirs, contributing to a positive brand perception among customers, employees, and business partners. Moreover, with top-notch quality and long-lasting durability, incorporating your brand identity on the pouch is a must. Go for a neutral color to ensure the bag appeals to a broad audience, catering to both men and women.


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5. Agenda Book Cover

Agenda Book CoverThis thing is pretty popular and works as a good way to promote your brand. Add the company logo and cool designs to catch the eye of people who see it. | Credit: Instagram @studiokado.co.id

Agenda book covers are handy for taking notes in meetings, seminars, and workshops. They're not just practical; they're also a smart way to spread the word about your company. The company logo and interesting designs make it intriguing for people, sparking their curiosity to know more.

Choosing a genuine leather cover adds a touch of class, giving it a luxurious and exclusive vibe. The durable material ensures it lasts, and considering its eco-friendly features helps cut down on plastic waste while promoting recyclability.


6. Stationery

stationeryStationery is a classic corporate gift, often part of the welcome package for new hires to create a positive and friendly introduction. | Credit: Instagram @studiokado.co.id

Stationery remains a practical and commonly chosen corporate giveaway, featuring essentials like pens, pencils, laser pointers, pencil cases, highlighters, and more.

This particular gift is frequently included in onboarding kits for new employees, aiming to initiate a positive atmosphere and extend a warm welcome. Personalize it with the company logo, and ensure the materials and quality are top-notch for a pleasant user experience.

That's the explanation of the list of souvenir ideas for office meetings. It can be concluded that there are plenty of options to match the preferences of recipients like company partners, employees, or clients. Besides showing appreciation, these choices also help in building positive relationships and promoting the company.


If you're short on time to think about the right souvenirs for meetings, just head to the Studiokado website. They offer a variety of exclusive gift boxes and hampers to fulfill your company's souvenir needs.

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