10 Gift Ideas for Girls They'll Actually Use

If you're stuck, here are some general gift ideas for girls that are guaranteed to come in handy.

The best gifts are the ones that are actually used. That's what most gift-givers aim for. When it comes to choosing gifts for girls, the goal is no different. Naturally, we all want our gifts to be practical, something they'll use and appreciate. But what to choose?

Picking the perfect gift often depends on the girl's interests and personality. While stereotypes exist, giving something tailored to her preferences is always a win. If you're stuck, here are some general gift ideas for girls that are guaranteed to come in handy.


Recommendations for gifts suitable for girls 


1. Dolls 

dollsWhen considering gifts for girls, dolls are a timeless choice. While they might seem like a classic option, they still hold a special place in the hearts of women. | Credit: Shutterstock

When it comes to girls, dolls are always a popular choice. There are so many options to choose from. Whether it's classic female dolls like Barbie, cuddly stuffed animals like Teddy Bears, or unique characters, there's something for everyone. While dolls might not have a practical use, they make great keepsakes, room decorations, and companions for bedtime.


2. Bicycle 

nicyleA bike isn't just for getting around—it's a gift that lasts. | Credit: Shutterstock

Giving a girl a bike is a great idea. Not only does it help her stay active and fit, but it also provides endless entertainment when she's feeling cooped up indoors. Just remember to supervise her while she's riding!


3. Age-Appropriate Stationery

stationeryTake your kids to the stationery store and let them pick out what they like. | Credit: Shutterstock.

Young children, including girls, are attracted to bright and colorful things. Stuff like markers, pens, pencils, and cute stationery holders will definitely make an impression. Will they use them? For sure! Stationery comes in handy for all sorts of activities. Just choose items that fit your budget. Crayons or vibrant markers are great options to start with.

Aside from budget, pick stationery based on what your child needs. For elementary schoolers, simple supplies like coloring pencils or crayons are perfect. Junior high students might prefer more advanced tools like pens or watercolors. And for high schoolers, practical items like binders, calculators, and such will be more useful.


4. Children's Storybook

storybookBooks are always a wonderful way for kids to learn, and they offer a break from constant screen time. | Credit: Shutterstock

To balance out screen time, encourage your child to pick up a book. There's a wide range of options for girls. From bedtime stories to novels and picture books, there's something to suit every child's personality and interests. This gift idea is not just entertaining—it's educational too.


5. Diary

diaryDoes your child enjoy writing? Why not get them a diary to encourage their creativity and improve their writing skills? | Credit: Shutterstock.

Just like reading, writing in a diary teaches children how to express themselves through words. Girls from elementary school through their teenage years often have plenty of thoughts to share. Encouraging them to keep a diary not only helps them practice writing, but also nurtures their mental well-being


6. Lunch Box

lunch boxThinking about getting a lunchbox? Go for one that comes with all the essentials, like fruit skewers or veggie holders, to make homemade meals more appealing for kids. | Credit: Shutterstock

This gift idea is perfect for school-aged girls. With so many lunchbox options available, from basic to fancy, you can choose one that matches your child's style. It's a great way to encourage healthy snacking habits in children.


7. School Bag or Sling Bag

school bagLet your child pick out their favorite bag, so they'll feel excited to head to school with a brand new one. | Credit: Shutterstock

Bags make a versatile gift option for girls, and they can work for boys too, given the wide range of choices available. And will they get used? Definitely, especially school bags, which are used every day to carry learning essentials. 

Nowadays, there's a huge variety of bag styles to choose from. You can select one based on your budget, style preferences, or even your child's favorite design. Whether it's a tote, backpack, or even a wheeled option, there's something for everyone. And if your daughter is into it, consider a trendy sling bag for hangouts or playdates with friends.


8. Stylish Accessories

accessoriesBracelets, necklaces, or headbands are perfect for girls who love to keep up with the latest trends and look fashionable. | Credit: Shutterstock

The world of accessories for kids, especially girls, is incredibly diverse. Just think about how many options there are compared to boys! From simple hair clips to adorable pigtails, colorful clips, and cute animal headbands, the choices are endless. These accessories can add a stylish flair to your little one's outfit.

You can also consider clothing accessories and children's jewelry, like ribbon ties for adding a decorative touch to their clothes. This gift idea for girls also includes beautiful jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, or even trendy glasses. It's ideal for girls who enjoy expressing their unique sense of style.


9. Kids' Toy Makeup

 Kids' Toy MakeupDon't sweat it—this makeup is all about fun! It's easy to wash off and made with safe ingredients for young skin. | Credit: Shutterstock

It's no surprise to see kids mimicking their moms, including playing with makeup. To avoid any mishaps and keep mom's makeup safe, why not give them toy makeup instead? There are tons of options, like toy lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes, and nail polishes, all designed with kids' safety in mind.


10. Dresses or Girls' Clothes 

dresses or Girls' Clothes Pick out clothes or dresses that your daughter really loves, so she can enjoy herself and feel special getting to choose her own outfits. | Credit: Shutterstock.

Is your little one into fashion? Does she love dressing up and putting together stylish looks? If so, it's a no-brainer to gift her some new clothes. Whether it's a cute dress or a trendy outfit for girls, she'll enjoy having the freedom to express herself through her clothing. And if you're looking for something versatile, consider practical yet stylish pieces like jackets, cardigans, or sweatshirts that strike the perfect balance between feminine and tomboyish styles.

These are just some of the gift options that girls usually love. With so many styles to choose from, you can find something that matches your child's personality. Whether she's creative, girly, or has a more tomboyish vibe, you can find the perfect gift ideas for girls that she'll definitely get plenty of use out of. 


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