Saying Goodbye? Here Are 7 Awesome Gifts for Your Resigning Colleague!

We'll share more than 7 simple yet meaningful farewell gift ideas for your resigning office buddy. Let's see what gifts you can give them!

Ever feel a bit blue when a colleague decides to resign? Farewells at work can be a rollercoaster of memories and emotions. But hey, resigning can also mean exciting new adventures and growth for our friend.

In those bittersweet moments, handing over a farewell gift is like wrapping up those shared memories in a thoughtful package. It's a way of expressing your gratitude and wishing them all the best on their next adventure.

So, in this article, we'll share more than 7 simple yet meaningful farewell gift ideas for your resigning office buddy. Let's see what gifts you can give them!


Farewell Gift Ideas for a Resigning Colleague

Here are some farewell gift inspirations for your resigning colleague:


1. Stationeries and a mug

Stationeries and a mugGet your friend's day in a new place off to a great start with some stationery. Don't forget to throw in a mug to make the gift more memorable and practical. | Credit: StudioKado

People often leave their jobs to explore new opportunities in a different workplace and setting. So, if your colleague is making a move for this reason, consider gifting them a high-quality stationery set along with a mug. These items can set the tone for their fresh beginning and keep them motivated.

Especially if the mug features a memorable picture of both of you or some inspiring quotes. This way, the gift becomes not just handy but also a sweet memory for them.


2. Custom-named tumbler

Custom-named tumblerA unique tumbler with a luxurious and elegant design, along with a custom name engraving, makes it a special keepsake for sure. | Credit: StudioKado

Though it might seem common, a tumbler can still make a heartfelt farewell gift. For instance, consider presenting your resigning colleague a tumbler with their name on it. It not only adds a personal vibe but also stands out from the typical ones.

Each time your friend uses this tumbler for their drink of choice, they might remember the good times shared with you and other coworkers in the old office.


3. Lanyard

lanyardGet your friend a classy branded lanyard for that extra touch of luxury – they're bound to love it! Make sure to pick a design that suits their style. | Credit: Coach Official Website 

Nowadays, lanyards are more than just ID card holders. They're fashion statements.

As a farewell gift, grab a lanyard with a design or color that screams your colleague's personality. Every time they wear it, it's like a flashback to various moments from their time at the old office.

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4. Diffuser

diffuserHelp them unwind after a hectic day in their new office with a calming diffuser. Just make sure to pick a fragrance they like! | Credit: StudioKado 

New places can be a bit overwhelming. That's where a diffuser becomes a thoughtful farewell gift, helping your colleague relax after a tiring day in the new office.


5. Accessories

AccessoriesA watch that isn't just a timepiece but also a stylish accessory that can enhance your friend's look. | Credit: Shutterstock 

Accessories are a long-term win. Watches or ties can level up your friend's look and give them that boost of confidence in their new surroundings.


6. Earphones

EarphonesEarphones can be a special and handy gift for your colleague, perfect for helping them stay focused while working and enjoying some tunes. | Credit: StudioKado.

Earphones are a practical and versatile farewell gift, especially for colleagues diving into meetings or online sessions in their new job.

As a parting gesture, consider gifting them a high-quality pair of earphones. This ensures durability and keeps them sharp and productive during their work hours.


7. Pouch

pouchA sleek pouch to keep their essentials in check – an ideal farewell gift for the colleague who loves to travel | Credit: Coach Official Website 

Pouches are lifesavers for keeping things organized. Depending on their needs, choose a pouch size that you think suits them best.

Are they the type who prefers a small, compact pouch? Or do they lean towards a larger one, perfect for travel?


So, there you have it—some farewell gift inspiration for your resigning colleague. Hopefully, these ideas can help you find the ideal gift for your friend!

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