10 Recommendations for Internship and Job Training Mementos from Companies

These memorable gifts don't have to be pricey! Sometimes, going for practical and useful items is the way to go. Not sure which one to pick? Check out the suggestions below.

Internships and job training don't last forever, but the memories and knowledge gained are here to stay. If your company wants to show some love to the participants, why not consider cool keepsakes? So, what are some solid recommendations for internship and job training swag from the company?


These memorable gifts don't have to be pricey! Sometimes, going for practical and useful items is the way to go. You can also tailor the choices based on the industry, grades, or how well the students performed. It could be something small, something big, a sweet treat, or even a customized item. Not sure which one to pick? Check out the suggestions below.


Memorable Gifts for Interns


1. Office Supplies

office suppliesHand out some quality office goodies that come in fancy packaging to make the interns feel extra special. | Credit: Instagram @studiokado.co.id 

It might sound like a small thing, but hey, office supplies are always useful. Imagine getting some cool stationery as a farewell gift at the end of an internship—pens, pencils, highlighters, the works. And to add a personal touch, mix it up with different designs and models for each intern.


2. Stationery Pouch

 Stationery PouchWhether it's a simple pouch or one with different compartments, these pouches aren't just for organizing stationery but can also hold other essentials. | Credit: Balimall.id

Beyond the pens and paper, a pouch or a stylish stationery holder can make for a practical keepsake. Nowadays, you've got plenty of pouch options. Go for something basic or opt for a sturdy, classy leather one. Throw in the company logo to make it a reminder of their time interning with you. 


3. ID Card Holder

ID Card HolderGet your hands on an ID card holder with extra slots to keep more than just your ID — it's perfect for storing various cards. | Credit: Instagram @studiokado.co.id

Card holders are all the rage these days, taking over wallets. They're not just handy for toting your ID during work; they're also good for keeping other ID cards in check. Plus, there's a bunch of models and basic materials for these internship and job training keepsakes.


4. Planner Book

plannerA useful planner for interns to jot down important stuff. It becomes even more memorable when paired with a matching pen. | Credit: Instagram @studiokado.co.id

Agenda books or notebooks are usually hassle-free souvenirs but they can be jazzed up to make a unique impression. Sometimes, these planners are crafted on demand or customized. You can go for a special cover with details about the internship activities or opt for a classy leather design featuring your company logo and name.


5. Card Holder

Card HolderA compact card holder that's both practical and stylish, making it the ideal replacement for a space-saving wallet. | Credit: Instagram @studiokado.co.id

Card holders are a hot item right now, taking over traditional wallets. Their simple yet effective design caters perfectly to the card-focused younger crowd. They're perfect for storing credit cards, ATMs, IDs, driver's licenses, and more. The shape and design keep things minimalist, and you'll find a variety of prices.


6. Laptop Bag

Laptop BagFor interns logging in daily with their laptops, this bag is both perfect and functional. | Credit: Unsplash by @andrea_natali

Sure, this internship gift might seem a bit on the pricier side, but it's the ultimate way to show appreciation, especially if the students have been rocking it. A gift like this, memorable and useful, will leave a lasting impression. Beyond functionality, the designs are diverse and can be customized based on specific needs.


7. Tote Bag

tote bagAn eco-friendly tote bag that's super easy to personalize, making it a practical all-in-one pouch for interns. | Credit: Instagram @studiokado.co.id

This souvenirs might be a bit more budget-friendly than a laptop bag. The cool thing is, tote bags are among the easiest to personalize. You can slap on a screen-printed logo, image, text, or whatever you fancy. Prices, designs, and materials come in all sorts of variations.


8. Keychain

keychainAlthough simple, keychains prove to be incredibly useful and still leave a lasting memory, making them a great option for a low-budget keepsake. | Credit: Amazon

Keychain souvenirs come in a wide range. You can go for acrylic keychains with the company name and logo or opt for something like vehicle registration keychains and strap keychains for motorcycle keys. There are even quirky shapes featuring characters from the company. The choice is yours!


9. Mugs

mugsMugs, the go-to everyday items, are still a popular choice for all sorts of needs. | Credit: Studiokado

When it comes to dining and sipping, a mug or cup is a modern and practical addition. This holds especially true for folks who love their coffee or tea while tackling work — whether it's the working professionals or the students. Thinking about it? How about a mug or cup with custom prints done through screen printing for a bit of flair?


10. Tumbler


Tumblers, easily decked out to suit your style, are bound to put a smile on interns' faces because, let's be real, they're a daily must-have. | Credit: Studiokado

Alongside mugs or cups, a neat suggestion for a keepsake during internships and job training, courtesy of similar companies, is a tumbler. It's like a portable drinking buddy perfect for travel or tagging along wherever you go. And hey, it also acts as a friendly reminder to stay hydrated and on the ball at work.


There are actually plenty of options when it comes to choosing souvenirs for interns and job trainees. Does it have to be expensive? Not at all! Does it have to be super unique? Not really. The key is to hit the mark. Go for something affordable and practical that suits their needs. And hey, sometimes, the choice doesn't have to be overly complicated!


Check out a range of corporate souvenirs for intern merch needs over at Studiokado. With a diverse and high-quality selection, picking out souvenirs to show appreciation for interns is now a breeze.


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