School Farewell Overview and Ideas

If you're on the planning committee, it's important to make sure everything is well-organized to give students a memorable send-off. Here are some examples of school farewell event outline to help you get started.

School farewells are a yearly tradition, typically held at the end of the school year. This long-standing custom spans from kindergarten to high school and is considered an important event. So, organizing it well is crucial.


If you're on the planning committee, it's important to make sure everything is well-organized to give students a memorable send-off. Here are some examples to help you get started.


School Farewell Event Outline


1. Opening

School farewell events usually start with the master of ceremonies (MC) giving an opening. The MC often keeps things formal but tries to create a fun and festive atmosphere for the students.


For instance, the MC might begin by introducing themselves, going over the event schedule, and leading a group prayer. In predominantly Muslim schools, this prayer might include reading verses from the Qur'an, either by the MC or someone else chosen beforehand.


2. Speeches

School farewell events usually include a time for speeches. These might come from the principal, the head of the event committee, teachers, staff, or graduating students.


The speeches can vary, with teachers sharing their hopes and prayers for the students' futures, or students expressing their gratitude to the teachers. These are typically delivered in a formal style.


3. Singing the Teacher's Hymn

The Teacher's Hymn, a national song honoring teachers, is usually sung at school farewells. It’s a way to show respect and gratitude for the teachers' hard work.


You can have everyone join in by displaying the lyrics on a screen, or have the school choir sing it. Besides the Teacher's Hymn, you might include another song to honor the teachers, like "Guruku Tersayang" by Melly Goeslaw, also known as "Pagiku Cerahku," which is often sung at these events.


4. Graduation Ceremony

The main part of the event is the graduation ceremony, symbolizing the students' transition from school to their next phase of life. 


This could involve students removing their school hats or receiving a graduation sash, which is a necklace with a medal-like plate, as a sign of their graduation.


5. Souvenir Exchange

After the graduation ceremony, there's often a time for exchanging souvenirs. Students or their guardians might give a small gift to the school, usually received by the principal or a teacher. This part is optional and can be planned with input from the families to keep it simple.


The souvenirs don’t need to be expensive—just something meaningful. The school might also give keepsakes to the students, like wall calendars, memory books, keychains, etc. These can be handed out to student representatives during the ceremony.


6. Honoring Outstanding Students

Honoring Outstanding StudentsHere's one of the goodie bags that's perfect as a memento for outstanding students. | Credit: Studiokado

It's extra special for high-achieving students to receive recognition during their final moments at school. Consider including this in your school farewell program.


The awards can be given out by the principal or their teachers. Apart from medals and certificates, schools may also provide additional gifts if they have the budget, like cash prizes or goodie bags.


7. Art and Performances

Following the souvenir handover and awards ceremony for outstanding students, the next part is dedicated to art performances. This is the highlight before wrapping up the school farewell event. Typical performances include dramas, dances, songs, and poetry readings.


However, schools have the freedom to get creative with other types of performances. Usually, these involve students who are not graduating yet. For example, if it's a farewell for 9th graders, the performances might showcase students from grades 7 and 8, sometimes with teachers joining in too.


8. Video Presentation

Before wrapping up, you can host an emotional video presentation session. It's best to schedule this towards the end to avoid messing up anyone's makeup.


The video can feature clips of students during their school years and highlight photos meant for the farewell album. Graduating students often take commemorative photos, which can also be included in this touching video shown at the school farewell event.


9. Closing Ceremony

After the heartfelt video presentation, the event moves into its closing ceremony. The MC takes the lead again, offering prayers and best wishes for the students' future. If there's a lunch or dinner planned for guests, the MC may also invite everyone to enjoy the meal while wrapping up the event.


Here's an example of how to organize a school farewell program that you can use as a reference. If you're in charge of planning the farewell, feel free to adapt the schedule to fit your school's specific needs.


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