What's Merchandise : Its Purpose and Different Types

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of merchandise out there.

Merchandise is basically stuff given out at events to promote a brand or company. It's either handed out for free or sold to boost the company's image.

There's all sorts of merchandise we use in our daily lives, like accessories, skincare goodies, fashion items, kitchenware, and much more. The choice depends on what the event is all about. Keep reading to learn about the different types of merchandise.


What's Merchandise All About?

To really grasp merchandise, you need to hit up some solid sources. According to Muhammad Ikhwanuddin Muslim and his crew, merchandise is basically the stuff that sellers trade, you know, like in stores and stuff. It's a big part of how stores get their goods out there.

And then, in that book about Sales Tax on Merchandise and Basketball Gear, merchandise is described as the stuff a business uses to represent itself, like its logo or brand. It's what helps a business stand out.

According to Hendri Ma'ruf, merchandising is all about getting and managing goods. You know, like all the stuff you see in supermarkets and stores—that's the merchandising section doing its thing. Merchandise serves a bunch of different purposes and roles.


Merchandise Function


1. Launching New Products

Merchandise plays a crucial role in getting the word out about new products. It's a way for businesses to promote what's fresh and grab the public's attention. This branding tactic helps customers learn about the latest offerings.


2. Boosting Sales

Having cool merchandise is like a built-in attraction. It catches people's interest and makes them want to check it out. Picking the right merchandise can really drive traffic to stores or businesses.


3. Marketing Tool

In simpler terms, this product can also double up as a way to promote stuff. It's a handy method to swiftly introduce products to the masses.


4. Gift Giving

Another perk of having this merchandise around is using it as a gift or a token of appreciation for loyal customers who keep coming back for certain brands or companies' top-notch products. These gifts can be handed out when customers meet certain criteria.


5. Standing Out from the Crowd

In any business, you've got competitors selling similar stuff. But to make your brand memorable, you can use this Merchandise to put your stamp on it. That helps people recognize which products are yours.


6. Getting People to Buy

Everybody loves a good deal, right? Offering a gift or discount with a purchase is a surefire way to grab people's interest. So, handing out this merchandise is a great way to catch lots of attention. You can bet plenty of folks will get curious and give your business products a try.


7. Spreading the Brand

Using merchandise to spread the word about your brand is pretty standard. It helps keep customers loyal to your products instead of wandering off to check out what similar businesses offer. Keeping customer trust in mind is crucial for keeping your business on the right track and growing.


Types of Merchandise and Examples


1. Everyday Stuff

everyday stufffYou know those pens you use all the time? They're everywhere for a reason. Go for the good ones that last. | Credit: Studiokado

Everyday merchandise is all about the practical stuff we use for work or study. Take pens, for example—they're often part of company swag with the logo on them, pulling double duty as promotional goodies.

Glasses or mugs are also go-to options for brand promotion. They're affordable and make great souvenirs. Another handy example is a wall clock, often hanging in homes where everyone can see it.

Household items like cookware also fall into the everyday category, supporting our cooking and dining needs. Many companies hand out glasses, plates, and mugs as souvenirs at events like seminars or meetings, showing appreciation to attendees.


2. Fashion Items

fashion Items merchandiseYou know those tees that everyone wears? Look for the ones with the comfy fabric. | Credit: Studiokado

Fashion products are all about gear that boosts the user's style. They're super popular as merchandise, especially among adults. Take t-shirts, for example—they're not just for everyday wear but also add some flair with their unique styles and designs.

And it's not just t-shirts; jackets are another prime example of fashion products that double as merchandise. They're perfect for outdoor activities, making them effective promotional tools, which is why many companies use them as souvenirs.

When it comes to picking fashion products, companies can choose based on the event or the recipient. For instance, for daytime outdoor activities, hats are a must to shield from the sun. To add a touch of style, designing an attractive hat with the company's slogan or logo is the way to go.


3. Accessories

accessoriesEver thought about throwing in some sleep kits as cool merch? They really leave a mark, you know?  | Credit: Studiokado

When it comes to accessories, merchandise usually comes in the form of cool printed stuff that stands out, like carvings, stickers, keychains, pins, and display plates. Rubber keychains are a hit for custom images, like company logos.

Keychains are not only budget-friendly but also tough and long-lasting, making them a smart choice. Plant terrariums are another great option for merchandise—they're versatile decorations that look good anywhere, often picked as lovely souvenirs.

Bracelets or wristbands can also do the trick for promoting products or brands. They offer a stylish way to show off the brand when worn by the recipient. Keep in mind that rubber wristbands are usually wide and flat, made of rubber, so they stretch nicely on the wrist and feel comfy to wear.


4. Company Merchandise

company MerchandiseSlap the company logo on the merch, and boom, instant promo at events. | Credit: Studiokado

Merch isn't just about basics; it's also about fitting the occasion. Take corporate souvenirs, for instance—it boosts morale among employees and is usually handed out at company events, complete with the company logo. You know, besides the basics, there's a whole bunch of cool stuff you can hand out depending on what's happening. Like, there's company swag that can really up your team's game. They usually pass these out at company gatherings, and they've got the company logo on them.


5. Wedding Merchandise

Wedding GoodiesThrow in the names of the bride and groom to spice up the merch and make it unforgettable. | Credit: Studiokado

It's not just for businesses, though. You can also spread some love with sweet treats for wedding guests to remember the big day. Think cute stuff like little wallets, keychains, mugs, custom tumblers—whatever tickles your fancy. But unlike the work gear, this stuff's got the lovebirds' names on it.


6. Seminar Merchandise

Seminar MerchandiseUsually, you'll find this kind of stuff decked out with a catchy slogan or the event's name. | Credit: Studiokado

Seminars get a whole lot more interesting when folks walk away with custom gear like tees, jackets, hats, pens—you name it—to remind them of the event. Along with the company logo, these goodies usually sport a catchy phrase or the event's name. And they're themed too, like eco-friendly spoons for a green-themed bash.


7. Graduation Merchandise

graduation MerchandiseUsually, this kind of stuff is a diploma or a personalized gift for the grad. | Credit: Studiokado

You know, besides being a reminder, graduation stuff is also a nice way for the university to say thanks to its grads who've rocked their education journey. Usually, you'll get something like a diploma, plaque, or maybe a special custom gift like a mug with the university logo.


9. Reunion Merchandise

Reunions are all about catching up and reminiscing with old school buddies, right? So, it's important to make sure the event's top-notch so everyone walks away feeling the nostalgia. Typically, these get-togethers hook you up with gear like class jackets, hats, keychains, and more.

Here are some typical swag options folks often grab as mementos at events like seminars or gatherings. Each item adds its own flair to the memories made during the event. Plus, these goodies are handy for companies or agencies looking to promote and brand their products.


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