Useful Souvenirs for Aqiqah Celebrations

Here are some natural and practical souvenir ideas for Aqiqah celebrations.

In Islam, Aqiqah is a worship practice with a strong recommendation or a prioritized tradition. The Aqiqah ritual involves sacrificing two goats for boys and one for girls. Among the various preparations needed for this event, it's important not to overlook the consideration of souvenirs.

As the Aqiqah ceremony is a joyous expression of gratitude to Allah SWT, it makes sense to choose souvenirs that can be genuinely useful for the invited guests. Here are some natural and practical souvenir ideas for Aqiqah celebrations.


Aqiqah Souvenir Recommendations


1. Goodie Bag

goodie bagGoody bags, being eco-friendly, make a fantastic alternative to plastic bags for grocery runs. | Credit: Google

You often find goody bags as keepsakes at various events, including aqiqah celebrations. What's cool about spunbond bags is that you can personalize them to your liking. You could even throw in the baby's initials to make it clear that this goody bag is a little something from the aqiqah event.

Because they're eco-friendly, recipients can use these goody bags instead of plastic ones when grabbing groceries. And as for what's inside, you've got options. Load them up with a mix of snacks or pastries — something the kiddos are sure to love.


2. Custom Prayer Mat

custom prayer matConsider getting prayer mats for kids or adults that match the theme of the event – just pick a design that stands out! | Credit: Snapy

Here's another cool idea for aqiqah event souvenirs: personalized prayer mats. Whether it's a smaller one or the adult-sized version, these mats can be customized to go with the event's theme. With a cool design, these souvenirs are not only practical but also become a memorable keepsake. And, of course, for their main purpose, the prayer mats are super useful as worship equipment.


3. Mini Towel

mini towelThese mini towel souvenirs are perfect for everyone — great for drying your face or wiping away post-workout sweat. | Credit: Studiokado

For another practical option, think about gifting small towels as souvenirs for your aqiqah event. They come in handy for all ages, whether it's for a quick face-dry or to mop up after a workout. And the best part? Small towels are budget-friendly, so they won't break the bank.

If you have more budget, consider adding a personal touch like embroidered initials of the baby's name on the small towel. It adds a unique flair that perfectly fits the event's theme. Opt for a neutral towel color, and you've got a versatile gift that both men and women can appreciate.


4. Tumbler

TumblerTumblers are still a go-to choice for souvenirs at all sorts of events, even aqiqah celebrations! | Credit: Studiokado

Tumblers are catching on as souvenirs not just at weddings but also at aqiqah events. Why? Well, they're handy drink bottles you can easily carry to school or the office.

Whether you go for a stainless steel or plastic tumbler depends on your budget. Plastic ones are budget-friendly, while stainless steel is durable and keeps drinks cool or warm for up to 12 hours. When picking a design, choose one that suits your style, and it's even better if it matches the theme of the aqiqah celebration.


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5. Mug

mugMugs with classy designs make for an exclusive choice as aqiqah souvenirs that guests will actually enjoy using. | Credit: Studiokado

Here's another idea; a mug. It's a classic go-to as a souvenir for various occasions, like aqiqah celebrations, weddings, birthdays, and whatnot. Mugs have evolved with the times, allowing for custom prints and designs that suit the event theme.

Take aqiqah events, for example; you can play around with vibrant colors to capture the joy of welcoming a new little one. Some folks like to jazz up the mug's surface with a photo of the child during aqiqah, along with their name. But hey, feel free to get creative and mix things up — you could even toss in some teaspoons to add a sweet touch.


6. Custom Pillow

custom pillowCustom pillows, great for sprucing up your sofa or adding some extra coziness to the bedroom. And don't forget to throw in your child's name for that personal touch! | Credit: Etsy

Just like mugs, many parents go for personalized pillows as souvenirs when throwing an aqiqah event. The cool thing is, you can customize these pillows with cute photos or the baby's initials, giving the souvenir a unique touch linked to the aqiqah celebration.

For a unique and memorable look, pick a pillow with an adorable shape. But keep the design in check, so it's not too over-the-top. This way, the person receiving it will be keen on using it every day – whether it's on their bed, sofa, or even in the car for those journeys.


7. Prayer Book 

prayer book
A prayer book is a meaningful keepsake that guests can flip through later. And hey, don't forget to personalize it by jotting down your child's name on the cover. | Credit: Shopee

A prayer book is a meaningful keepsake that guests can flip through later. And hey, don't forget to personalize it by jotting down your child's name on the cover. | Credit: Shopee

Here's another idea for aqiqah event souvenirs – a collection of prayers in a book. It'll be a thoughtful gesture for your guests, especially if they end up hosting an aqiqah event themselves down the road. Packed with prayers from the Qur'an and Hadith, it becomes a handy guide for prayers during tasyakuran.


8. Mini prayer beads

mini prayer beadsThese mini prayer beads are a useful keepsake for guests – easy to carry around and not too bulky. | Credit: Tokopedia

Another cool option to think about is mini prayer beads, blending in perfectly with the event's vibe, given that aqiqah is a recommended religious practice. Plus, with Indonesia's predominantly Muslim population, these prayer beads can come in handy for invited guests during their worship activities.


9. Tissue Box

tissue boxA personalized tissue box with the baby's name is not only a sweet memento but also a handy tissue holder at home. | Credit: Shopee

For your child's aqiqah event, why not go for a tissue box as a thoughtful souvenir? Simple as it may seem, this tissue box proves to be quite useful for the person receiving it — a neat solution for keeping tissues in the living room. To make it even more special, pick an interesting design for that extra touch.


10. Mini Tumpeng

Mini TumpengThese mini tumpengs are so easy to share around, making sure everyone gets a bite. | Credit:

For aqiqah event souvenirs, you don't always have to go for tangible items. Consider something tasty like mini tumpeng! Their small size adds a cute touch, and even though they're mini, you can serve them with all the works — chicken, dried tempeh, cakes, and sambal included.

Planning an aqiqah event for your little one soon? If so, consider these souvenir ideas for aqiqah events mentioned above—they're practical for the recipients and don't necessarily have to break the bank. The key is in your thoughtful intention.


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