The Meaning Behind Valentine's Day that You Might Have Missed

Are you familiar with the true meaning of Valentine's Day?

It is known that February 14th is celebrated as Valentine's Day. Shades of red, along with heart themed decorations and flowers, are a common sight on the streets, shopping centers, and even restaurants. Sweet chocolate treats are also on high demand in many shops, which enhance the romantic feeling of Valentine's Day. However, before celebrating the special day of love, are you familiar with the true meaning of Valentine's Day?

In short, Valentine's Day is celebrated as the day where love is expressed. It is said that in the past, Valentine's Day was only intended for lovers who wanted to show their affection for each other. But today, the meaning of Valentine's Day has become so much more than that. Not only between lovers, Valentine’s Day can be celebrated by showing affection to anyone, such as friends, parents and even children. Every person's way of celebrating Valentine's Day is different. Some dine at fancy restaurants, some go on vacation in romantic places, and most usually send letters and special Valentine's Day Gifts like chocolates, flowers, and other sweet gifts to their loved ones.

Then, why is Valentine's Day celebrated on February 14?

Valentine's Day, which occurs on February 14, is the date when a priest named Valentine died in 278 AD. By looking at the origin story of what Valentine's Day is about, we might encounter several versions. One of the versions is the story of a priest named Valentine who arranged marriages for young couples in order to save the ongoing war. Another version is about Valentine's struggle to help someone escape from a Roman prison. Tragically, due to his actions that were considered against the rules, Valentine had to be executed for his deeds. Before his death, Valentine wrote a letter to a girl who often visited him while in prison. In his letter, he wrote "From your Valentine".

Perhaps, thanks to these two versions, Valentine's Day is celebrated by showing affection and sending letters to loved ones. In addition to showing affection, on Valentine's Day it is quite common to find certain symbols, such as the following!

  1. Doves
    The Meaning of Doves on Valentine's Day
    The Meaning of Doves on Valentine's Day | Credits: mali maeder from Pexels

    White doves, which usually come in pairs, represent love. February, which also coincides with Valentine's Day, is also believed to be the mating period for many birds, including doves.
  2. Cupid
    The Meaning of Cupid on Valentine’s Day
    The Meaning of Cupid on Valentine’s Day | Credits: Michelle Leman from Pexels

    Based on Greek Mythology, Cupid, also known as Amor, was a deity of love, who is depicted as a small, stout boy with wings, carrying a bow and arrows that are ready to be shot at anyone and make them fall in love.
  3. Roses
    The Meaning of Roses on Valentine’s Day
    The Meaning of Roses on Valentine’s Day | Credits: Lisa Fotios from Pexels

    Roses, especially red roses, are a symbol of affection, love, and romance. 

Those are some symbols and their meanings that we can find on Valentine's Day. Generally, these symbols represent love and affection just as we know that Valentine's Day is the day of love. 

Then, how is Valentine's Day celebrated in the world? Does everyone in the world do the same activities on Valentine's Day?

In Indonesia, most people celebrate Valentine's Day by exchanging letters or special gifts. This is quite similar to how Valentine's Day is celebrated in America. People in America are used to celebrating Valentine's Day by exchanging letters. They have been doing this tradition since the 17th century. The letters given are not just ordinary letters. But letters with unique designs and decorations that are suitable for Valentine's Day, which they give to their loved ones. 

Valentine's Day in the Philippines, however, is a little different. The Philippine government supports Valentine's Day by organizing mass weddings. The government will support all couples who want to get married on February 14 by sponsoring the entire reception, sending bouquets of flowers, and even wedding cakes. Interesting, isn't it?

Moving on to Peru, we can see that people usually give flowers to each other on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day in Peru is celebrated along with the summer carnival, so Peruvians would also hold a party. However, instead of red roses that are common on Valentine's Day, we would encounter orchids that are commonly found in the country.

Those are some of the traditions of celebrating Valentine's Day in some parts of the world. The celebrations are inseparable from the true meaning of Valentine's Day, which is the day of love. On Valentine's Day, which is annually celebrated on February 14, everyone who wishes to celebrate has the right to express their affection to their loved ones. The expressions of affection that are shown also vary, from giving letters, gifts, to asking for a romantic dinner. Whatever form of expression is given on Valentine's Day, the most important thing is to be sincere in sharing your love with your loved ones. 

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