Things to do on Eid Al-Fitr Day

Here are some common and enjoyable activities to consider for your Eid festivities.

Eid al-Fitr holds a special place in the hearts of Muslims worldwide, marking the end of Ramadan's fasting period. After a month of devotion, Muslims eagerly embrace Eid with gratitude and joy. But how can you make Eid Al-Fitr truly memorable?


Beyond the traditional Eid prayers, there are plenty of ways to elevate the celebrations. Planning ahead ensures a day filled with cherished moments. Here are some natural and enjoyable activities to consider for your Eid festivities.


Things to do on Eid Al-Fitr Day


1. Reunion and Reconciliation

reunion and ReconciliationAfter the Eid prayer, it's customary to reconnect with loved ones, neighbors, and friends—a beautiful tradition that's deeply ingrained in our culture. | Credit: Freepik

Apologizing and reconciling has been a cherished practice among Indonesians for generations, symbolizing the successful completion of Ramadan. While not obligatory, extending apologies on Eid al-Fitr is seen as a positive gesture.

It's a perfect time to reach out to those you've lost touch with—whether distant family members, old pals, colleagues, or neighbors. Even if face-to-face meetings aren't possible, modern technology offers avenues like voice or video calls to bridge the distance and exchange heartfelt apologies.


2. Sharing Generosity

Sharing GenerosityIt's customary on Eid al-Fitr to give alms, especially elders giving to the younger ones. | Credit: iStock

Eid al-Fitr is a day filled with blessings, making it an opportune time for acts of generosity. Besides the obligatory zakat fitrah, which expresses gratitude for the blessings of Ramadan, additional acts of charity are encouraged.

These acts of generosity can take many forms and aren't confined to before the Eid prayer. Whether it's offering food, clothing, or financial support, the gesture holds great significance.

You don't have to look far to lend a helping hand; even your own family members can benefit from your generosity. Ultimately, the sincerity of your intentions matters most—ensure your acts of charity are solely to please Allah SWT, without seeking recognition or personal gain.


3. Visiting Family Tombs

visiting Family TombsOn Eid, many people visit gravesites to pray for departed family members or relatives. | Credit: Detik

Another common practice during Eid is visiting family graves. In various areas, it's customary to make this pilgrimage to pay respects to those who have passed away.

Additionally, Eid al-Fitr is considered a holy time, believed to be especially conducive for prayers. Therefore, it's common for people to visit gravesites and offer prayers for their deceased family members or relatives.


4. Feast Time

feast TimeEid specialties are a must-have on every family's dining table, ready to be shared and enjoyed together. | Credit: Pinterest

We all know the classics like opor ayam, rendang, and ketupat – they're staples of the season here in Indonesia. So, gathering with loved ones for a delicious feast is an Eid tradition we all look forward to.

And let's not forget about those sweet treats! Nastar, kastengel, putri salju, lidah kucing, and peanut cookies are just some of the goodies that make Eid even sweeter. While they're not a must, they definitely add to the festive vibe!


5. Decorating the House

Decorating the HouseAdding a touch of Eid magic to your place can really make the celebration come alive, whether you opt for simple touches or go all out with decorations. | Credit: Pinterest

Giving your home a festive makeover is another fun activity for Eid al-Fitr. It's all about creating that special atmosphere. Before Eid arrives, you'll find loads of Eid decorations in stores. Pick up a few and get creative with your decorating, either before or after the Eid prayers.

From hanging decorative ketupat in the living room to dressing up the dining table with special tablecloths, swapping out sofa cushion covers, setting out fancy tableware, adding fresh flowers for a burst of color, and anything else that brings joy to your home.


6. Hosting an Open House

Hosting an Open HouseAn open house is a fantastic way to share friendship with neighbors by inviting them over for a meal. | Credit: InfoPublik

Once you've prepared plenty of snacks and spruced up your home, why not extend a warm invitation to your neighbors for an open house? It's a lovely activity to do during Eid at home, fostering stronger connections with those around you.

In keeping with Indonesian tradition, consider setting aside some money to give to the neighbor's children. Place the money in adorable envelopes adorned with Eid designs to make them more appealing. You can even pair them with cookies for an extra special touch.


7. Enjoy an Islamic Film

Enjoy an Islamic Film

After the festivities and delicious meals, why not unwind with your family by watching a movie together? It's a cozy way to end the day. | Credit: iStock

As part of your Eid al-Fitr celebration, consider having a movie night with your family. It's a relaxed way to spend time together after the busy day of Eid prayers and feasting. So, gather your loved ones, grab some popcorn, and enjoy a movie together.


8. Play Games

play gamesGather everyone for some fun-filled game sessions. | Credit: Pexels

Eid is all about togetherness, so why not add some excitement with games? Take a break and round up your family for some game time. Whether it's traditional games, board games like Monopoly, or even mobile games.

With plenty of multiplayer games available, you can make the most of your family bonding time. Playing games together adds a spark to the celebration and creates cherished moments. Just choose games that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age, and let the fun begin!

Those are some fun things you can do during Eid al-Fitr. And hey, there's so much more you can add to make the celebration even better. As long as you're surrounded by family, every moment becomes extra special. Don't you agree?

Once you've got your holiday plans sorted, don't forget to reach out to those relatives who are far away. Send them a unique Eid hampers to let them know they're still in your thoughts, even if they're miles apart.


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