Fun Gathering and Outing Themes Ideas for Office Events

Create a memorable, brief statement. Explore these inspiring gathering themes suitable for both office and family events.

When planning office events, it's crucial to choose engaging and uplifting themes. These themes typically revolve around positive sentiments, aspirations for business growth, workplace happiness, eagerness for advancement, and team unity. It's crucial to pick gathering themes that align with the company's goals.


Craft a concise sentence to generate positive vibes among employees. Adjust the formation of the gathering theme to harmonize with the upcoming events for mutual sustainability. Create a memorable, brief statement. Explore these inspiring gathering themes suitable for both office and family events.


What is a Gathering Event?

Keep in mind that this gathering event is a meet-up that offices, companies, and families can all participate in together. The primary goal is to strengthen connections beyond regular office hours. This gathering or outing is a refreshing experience.

The aims of this activity include building teamwork, fostering unity, and promoting closeness. Moreover, it seeks to nurture intimacy, offer entertainment, and bring about refreshing activities to ignite new enthusiasm. Typically, these gatherings happen in open spaces.

Desirable locations typically offer a refreshing atmosphere and a sense of excitement. The setup itself can be completed within a full day, engaging in activities from morning to evening. Between games, there will be counseling sessions and other enjoyable activities.

Now, for these gatherings, you've got people of different ages and job statuses. So, picking the right theme needs some careful consideration. We want the theme to fit well with the activities planned and make sure it outlines what we need to prepare for the event to go smoothly.


Creating Themes for Gathering and Outings: Tips to Keep in Mind

gathering themes ideasPicking the right theme needs some careful consideration. We want the theme to fit well with the activities planned. | Credit: Shutterstock


1. Tailor to the Participant Count and Background

When coming up with a theme for your gathering, start by considering the number of participants, their age, and their roles. Understand where they're coming from and what their status is, whether they're company employees, family members, or part of the organization.


2. Purpose Behind the Gathering

Now, let's get real about why we're gathering. Make sure the event's name and theme make sense with the whole reason we're doing this. The theme is basically a short and sweet overview of everything happening during the gathering.

When it comes to crafting a theme, take your time to get it right. It's all about fitting everything into the vibe of the event. Start by figuring out the purpose of the event, pick a cool event name, and then go with a theme that clearly spells out what the gathering is all about.


3. Location of the event

Deciding on the theme for this gathering and outing should also sync up with the event's location. Generally, getting ready for a gathering event involves considering the event's setting. The theme acts as crucial support, ensuring that activities flow smoothly and keep everyone engaged.

Even though it's decided after nailing down the objectives and organizing the events, the theme is basically the face of the whole shebang. The more intriguing the theme, the more it'll grab people's interest. To make things easier, here are some theme ideas for gatherings and outings to consider.


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25+ Best Gathering and Outing Theme Examples


1. Leadership Theme

Build Great Leader Characteristic for Everybody

More Stronger and Smarter

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader

Push The Limit for Next-Level


2. Teamwork Theme

Create success with teamwork and knowledge

Create dreams come true with Teamwork

I can’t not but we can

One team, one mission

Care, cooperate, committed

Together for trust and collaboration

Trust, professional and committed

Happiness is help each other

Together we growth

Everything will be easier with teamwork


3. Creativity Theme

Recharge for Loving Happiness

Hope and Experience Make Some Happiness

Innovate, Empower, Perform

Help Each Other is True Happiness

Happiness Brings Creativity

Born Refresh and Recharge to be curious


4. Challenge Theme

Be Obsessed with Improvement

Keep Challenging Yourself to Think Better

Excitement Energy

Rising to The Challenge

Unleash your potential


5. Family Gathering Theme

Family Fun Day

Create Happiness with Togetherness

Strengthen Relationships by Enhancing Family Spirit

Create a relationship with a positive spirit

Learn to know, understand and be happy


You can spice up the event by throwing in a mix of quirky, intriguing, and humorous merchandise. Hand out these goodies to participants as a token of appreciation at the end of the activity, showing gratitude for their enthusiastic participation.


Choosing merchandise with high functional value and according to the theme of gatherings and outings is the best alternative choice. One option that can be used is a shopping bag that can be used daily. You can get inspiration for merchandise choices through Studiokado. Activities will certainly be more fun with the addition of corporate souvenir merchandise from Studiokado.


For offices gearing up for a gathering and outing, getting everything in order is key, and that includes nailing down the theme. Each chosen theme should give a quick and clear snapshot of what the event series is all about. The more captivating the theme, the higher the energy levels will be.


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