Hach Malaysia

Unveiling the Perfect Door Prize for a Memorable Company Trip

As the creators of extraordinary experiences, we had the privilege to partner with Hach, a distinguished industrial and engineering consultancy company in Indonesia. Known for their expertise in water quality and a wide range of related products, Hach has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. Intrigued by their commitment to excellence, we set out on a journey to design a remarkable door prize for their upcoming company trip event. The result? A thoughtfully curated collection that reflects Hach's brand identity and celebrates the accomplishments of their outstanding team.

What's inside: 
- Corkcicle
- Nokia Wireless Earphones
- Dry Bag

Included in the door prize we have assembled is the Hach-branded corkcicle in pristine white, adorned with the iconic blue Hach logo. This sleek and practical accessory serves as a constant reminder of Hach's dedication to water quality and their commitment to making a difference. With every sip, team members can stay hydrated and embrace the company's core values.

Complementing the corkcicle, we have included Nokia wireless earphones in timeless black. Designed for convenience and superior audio quality, these earphones are a perfect companion for both work and leisure. As team members explore new horizons during the company trip, they can immerse themselves in their favorite tunes or engage in important calls, all while experiencing the freedom of wireless technology.

To ensure that the adventurous spirit of Hach team members is embraced, we have also included a high-quality dry bag by Elfs. With a generous 10-liter capacity, this durable bag provides ample space to safeguard belongings during exciting outdoor activities. Adorned with the white Hach logo and their inspiring slogan "be right," this dry bag embodies the spirit of exploration and the quest for perfection that defines Hach's work.

The door prize we have created for Hach's company trip event goes beyond mere gifts. It serves as a symbol of recognition for their exceptional team members and their achievements, reflecting Hach's commitment to excellence. Each item has been carefully selected to align with Hach's values, creating a lasting impression and fostering a sense of pride among the recipients.

By collaborating with Hach, we have crafted an unforgettable door prize that embraces their corporate culture and celebrates their remarkable team. The combination of the Hach-branded corkcicle, Nokia wireless earphones, and the versatile Elfs dry bag ensures that team members are equipped with essential tools for both work and leisure, wherever their journey takes them. It is our privilege to be a part of their celebration and contribute to the joy that will be experienced during the company trip.

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