NFT Kogi

Kogi NFT's Company Event Collection

As a recognized company in the world of non-fungible tokens and digital art, Kogi NFT is preparing for a highly anticipated corporate event. To mark this special occasion, they have entrusted us to create a unique collection that perfectly conveys their unique values.

What's Inside:

  • Mailer-Box with Branded Sleeve
  • Painting Kit
  • Bucket Hat
  • Stickers
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Pin
  • Greeting Card

Up first is a well- curated painting kit. The kit consists of premium quality paints, brushes and canvas to bring out their artistic side. Whether they are experienced or on, this item will surely encourage them to explore and bring their imaginations to life.

We also included a stylish Kogi NFT bucket hat. This hat is designed with the company logo on it which serves as a great identity for those who wear it while giving them a stylish addition for their outfit of the day. 

Showing a passion for the NFT community is easy with this vibrant sticker collection and pin that we carefully picked for the kit using fun designs that can be put on various items, giving a nice touch to personal belongings by giving them some aesthetic while supporting the company’s goal and vision towards digital art. 

Although the pandemic is gradually improving, maintaining sanitation is certainly something that must be continued. The hand sanitizer that we have included will certainly be very important knowing that a lot of activities are being done and many foreign items are being touched by hands. 

You certainly don't want to miss the opportunity to give a warm message as a thank you to those who have attended your event, so we have provided greeting cards that you can customize for any occasion. Last but not least, all of the above items will be placed in a box with a branded sleeve with a design that is definitely eye-catching so that it will leave a good impression for the company.

As a company known for its art, we should definitely pay great attention to the aesthetics of the items provided. People’s impression actually matters in many situations, especially when you are introducing your project, community and values. Which of course Studiokado will deliver the best and only the best for that reason.

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