Pertamina's Subholding Alignment

Introducing the perfect balance between utility and elegance – the Pertamina Corporate Hampers. Carefully curated, this exceptional collection is a showcase of Pertamina's commitment to excellence.  Delight your business partners with a thoughtfully curated selection of useful items designed to enrich their daily routines.

What’s inside:

  • Branded Hardbox
  • Corkcicle
  • Thinkplus LivePods LP40
  • Greeting Card

In our collaboration with Pertamina, we embarked on a project centered on creating useful items that have both functionality and a visually appealing design. Recognizing the importance of building a strong corporate image, we made sure that these items were of the highest quality, designed to last and leave a lasting impression on those who receive them.

We carefully selected the essential items to put in the hamper. One of the highlights is a customized corkcicle topped with Pertamina's logo. This simple yet practical addition serves as an essential thing to stay hydrated and keep the temperature of the stored liquids while offering an attractive design that complements its functionality.

The hampers include the Thinkplus LivePods LP40, a set of wireless earbuds perfect for music lovers who work on the go. Wired earbuds can be inconvenient, especially when mobility is required. The wireless earbuds provide a practical solution, enhancing the work experience by offering comfort and enjoyment. By providing these earbuds, the corporation can show their support and commitment to care for their employees and partners.

Surely no hampers are complete without a customizable greeting card for different occasions. Additionally, all items are meticulously packaged in a beautifully designed hardbox that reflects the company's image and identity, adding an elegant touch to the overall presentation.

Maintaining positive relationships with business partners is essential. One way to approach it is by showing appreciation and support to the corporate's partners and stakeholders with memorable gifts. These gifts were presented not only to delight, but also help maintain and strengthen relationships with them.

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