Sinarmas mining

Embracing Digitalization, Inspiring Innovation and Collaboration for a Transformed Future

As Sinarmas Mining embarks on its journey towards digitalization, we are honored to join them in this pivotal moment. With a commitment to innovation and collaboration, Sinarmas Mining is charting a course for a transformed future in the energy sector. To commemorate this milestone, we have curated a special collection that embodies their vision and serves as a symbol of inspiration for their team and partners.

What's inside:

  • Branded Hardbox
  • Lanyard
  • Collapsible Cup
  • Ring Notebook
  • Custom Pin
  • Xiaomi Wireless Earbuds
  • USB Flash Disk
  • Bomber Jacket
  • Greeting Card

Inside the vibrant branded hardbox, recipients will discover a range of thoughtfully curated items that reflect Sinarmas Mining's digitalization journey. Its bright color exudes energy and elegance, while the custom logo and illustrations evoke a sense of creativity and forward-thinking.

Keeping sustainability in mind, the collapsible cup is a versatile and eco-friendly companion. Adorned with the company's logo and illustration, it encourages a conscious approach to hydration while reflecting Sinarmas Mining's commitment to environmental responsibility.

The white ring notebook captures the essence of Sinarmas Mining's digitalization efforts. The custom company-themed logo and illustration make it a valuable tool for jotting down ideas and capturing innovative thoughts.

Embodying the digital foundation of Sinarmas Mining's journey, the custom USB flash disk and the Xiaomi wireless earbuds enables efficient information sharing and collaboration. These gadgets symbolize the company's commitment to harnessing technology for a more interconnected and streamlined future.

As a special addition to the collection, the black bomber jacket embroidered with the company's custom logo, embodies a sense of pride and belonging. Along with the company-themed lanyard, and a custom pin featuring the company's logo and mascot's illustration, they serve as both practical accessories that represent team unity.

Accompanying the collection is a greeting card, extending warm greetings and welcoming the team of Sinarmas Mining to the transformative event. It expresses appreciation for their dedication and commitment to embracing digitalization.

The Sinarmas Mining Company Event Collection is a testament to the company's vision, fostering innovation, and collaboration in the digital era. Each item represents a piece of the puzzle in their digitalization journey, inspiring the team and reaffirming their commitment to a transformed future.